Blender X3D exporter
with Kambi modifications

Blender is a magnificent free open-source 3D modelling software. Latest Blender version already includes an X3D exporter, so you can export your content and open it with our engine tools like view3dscene. We publish here some improvements / fixes / documentation for Blender's X3D exporter.

X3D exporter, for Blender >= 2.68a

Blender people: feel welcome to take my fixes / changes, and apply them to Blender sources. Michalis will try to report them when he has time. Also feel free to take my notes, and use/convert them for documentation anywhere on Blender site, wiki etc. Permission to use my notes on any license required for official Blender wiki / docs contents is granted.

KAnim exporter, for Blender >= 2.68a

Export Blender animation to KAnim (Castle Game Engine animations) format:

VRML 97 (2.0) and KAnim exporters, for Blender 2.4x

(Please note that I don't use exporters below anymore, they probably will not work with Blender 2.5x or newer, and I probably will not update them. X3D is the future, and X3D exporter above should be your preferred option. We also hope one day to see animation export to X3D, and then our "KAnim hack" will no longer be useful.)


You can grab all this stuff from SVN:

svn checkout