Hi, I'm Michalis Kamburelis (email, google+). I'm developing this engine since a few years already, spending most of my daily (and nightly :) time on it. And I'm going to continue doing so, and you don't have to pay for any bugfix or a new feature or a new game getting released! Please donate — even a very small amount will increase my happiness, which will in turn directly improve the awesomeness of our engine, and view3dscene, and our games :) Thanks!

You can donate through Flattr. Just click on a button above, everything will be explained. Click the button again to subscribe for a longer time.

You can donate through PayPal.

The suggested amounts to donate are 5 / 10 / 20 USD, but feel free to donate as much or as little as you like :) You can pay using your credit card, or use your own PayPal account.

You can sponsor the development of a specific feature. It can be a small bugfix or a large feature — just propose anything that you actually want to see implemented. If you want, you can pick one of our larger planned features.

The websites linked above are easy to use, and the others get an opportunity to comment on the project, co-sponsor it, maybe even just take the job themselves :) Just post a project there, and drop me a mail about it. Besides our 3D engine, games and VRML/X3D I'm also familiar with other stuff.

You can also donate using BitCoin. Simply donate to 1FuJkCsKpHLL3E5nCQ4Y99bFprYPytd9HN