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Ask for help, report bugs, discuss features

Go to our forum.
You can post on the forum without registering. You can also login to your SourceForge account, and then you are already considered "logged in" on this forum too. Any questions related to our VRML/X3D engine and related programs (like view3dscene or castle) are welcome. Create a new topic, and go!

Alternatively, if you prefer to send questions through email, you can subscribe and post to our castle-engine-main mailing list.

You can also submit bugs and feature requests to our "tickets" tracker.

If you really want to contact the author directly, send email to Michalis Kamburelis.

Helping in the engine development

  1. For everyone
  2. For 3D worlds creators
  3. For ObjectPascal developers
    1. Proposed (larger) development tasks
  4. For Blender experts
  5. For Linux distros package maintainers

If you'd like to help in the development of our engine, here are some proposed tasks:

1. For everyone

2. For 3D worlds creators

If you use our tools to create or browse your 3D worlds, you can:

3. For ObjectPascal developers

For ObjectPascal (FPC, Lazarus) developers:

3.1. Proposed (larger) development tasks

Many areas of the engine could use the help of an interested developer. If you'd like to join, or just send some patches improving something, please contact us, for example through forum.

Below are some ideas for development. Some of them are not trivial, although they may be easy if you have an expertise in a particular area (or you're willing to gain such expertise :) This list isn't exhaustive of course, there are many things we want to achieve, and you most likely have even more ideas of your own. If you don't have time to work on them, but you badly need them, consider also donating to a particular goal.

I'm sure you can find other ideas for development. Is there something you miss from our game engine? Is there a particular feature you miss from 3D formats (X3D, Collada etc.) support? Some useful tool, or maybe a useful example?

4. For Blender experts

I think that success of our engine is tightly coupled with the quality of Blender X3D exporter. Of course, you can use anything to generate VRML/X3D for use with our engine. But if you make FOSS game, you have probably already chosen Blender as your main 3D modeller.

Blender is really fantastic. But the current exporter from Blender to X3D lacks some important features. For starters, there isn't any way to export animation to X3D. At least exporting animation of transformations (translation, rotation, scale of objects) would already be very useful. Exporting mesh deformation (from shape keys, or derived from bone animation) would be great. There are also various other small lacks. Many features of VRML/X3D and our engine are not used intensively enough, because there isn't any way to express them and export from Blender.

We have our own customized Blender X3D exporter, so you can start from this. Preferably, changes should be reported and applied to the Blender sources. Only stuff really specific to our engine (cooperation between Blender and some specific features of our engine) should be left inside our custom exporter.

5. For Linux distros package maintainers

Please package view3dscene for your favourite Linux distribution :) It's a great and stable VRML/X3D browser (and viewer for other 3D models, like Collada and 3DS). Some facts in favor of view3dscene, important for package maintainers:

Michalis uses Debian, and sometimes Ubuntu, and would love to see his software available in your repositories :)